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Herb Online - Chinese Herbal Information

AGIS Search Form - UDSA Ethnobot. Databases

Databases at the National Agricultural Library  -  Mind boggling links

Kew Gardens English Botanical Gardens Database

Free Medline   - Scientific abstracts

Ethnobotany Cafe  -  Discussion and Trading

Entheogen.Com  -  Must Be Seen to be Believed. E zine with forums.

Gardenweb Forums  -  Trade for all kinds of seeds, learn a lot while you're at it.

Hummingbird Remedies   -  Flower essences for transformation and healing.

Internet Directory for Botany: Search Engines  -  Mega Site. World wide links.

Botanical Bookmarks  -  Way too many links

The Lycaeum  -   A Treasure Trove.

Botany  -  A Great Set of Links

FINDIT  -  Links to Websites of Botanical Intereest

PLANTOX  -  Poisonous Plants Database

Plant Link  -  Search Engine by Family, Scientific or Common Name

Seed and Plant Exchange  -  A World of Links

Medicinal Herb FAQ  -  a Cornucopia of Medicinal Herb Info.

Medicinal Plant Databases  -  A Good Set  - Check out their links page



Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall  -  vast and complete

Ethnobotany, Lopophora, Salvia divinorum  -  European Site.

The Web Nebula  -  Great Hubble Photos of Nebulae