A-Z Herb List (D-F)

OmChi Herbs offers a variety of Traditional Chinese Herbs, as well as Specialty Herbs from around the world. These are some of our most commonly requested herbs.

Many of these herbs are available in raw (dried herb), powdered, and extract form. Unless otherwise specified all Raw and Powdered herbs come in 500 gram packages and all 5:1 Extracts come in 100 gram bottles.

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Dahurican Angelica Root
Dandelion Herb
Deer Antler Gelatin
Deer Antler Powder, Deglued
Dendrobium Herb (Ring Style)
Dendrobium Herb (Ring)
Dendrobium Stem - Fine
Dendrobium Stem - Large
Dittany Root-bark
Dioscorea / Chin. Yam Root (L)
Dioscorea / Chin. Yam Root (Med)
Dioscorea / Chin. Yam Root (Sm)
Dioscorea I Chin. Yam Root (X-l)
Dioscorea Bulbifera Bulb
Dipsacus /Teasel Root
Dolichos Seed Skin
Douchos Seed
Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Bone (Prepared)
Dragon's Bone (Raw)
Dragon's Teeth
Drosera / Burmann Sundew Herb
Drynaria Rhizome
Dryopteris / Male Fern Rhizome


Eclipta Herb
Elecampane Flower (2nd Grade)
Elephantopus Herb
Eleuthero / Siberian Ginseng Root
Elsholtzia Herb
Epimedium Herb - Bundle
Epimedium Herb - Loose
Erycibes Vine
Erythrina Bark
Eucommia Bark #1
Eucommia Bark #2
Eucommia Bark #3
Eucommia Leaf
Eupatorium Herb
Evodia Fruit


Feather Cockscomb/Celosia Seed

Fennel Seed

Fenugreek Seed

Finger Citron Flower

Finger Citron Fruit

Fish Swim Bone

Flax Seed

Flowering Quince Fruit


Flying Squirrel Feces

Forsythia Fruit

Fox Nut Barley/ Euryale Seed


Fraxinus / Ash Bark

Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly

Fritillary Bulb