A-Z Herb List (G-K)

OmChi Herbs offers a variety of Traditional Chinese Herbs, as well as Specialty Herbs from around the world. These are some of our most commonly requested herbs.

Many of these herbs are available in raw (dried herb), powdered, and extract form. Unless otherwise specified, all Raw and Powdered herbs come in 500 gram packages and all 5:1 Extracts come in 100 gram bottles.

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Gall Nut Of Chinese Sumac
Ganoderma / Reishi Mushroom
Gardenia Fruit
Gastrodia Rhizome #1
Gastrodia Rhizome #2
Gecko -2 lizards
Gentiana Macrophylla Root
Gentiana Root
Germinated Rice / Millet Sprout
Ginger (Dried)
Gingko Leaf
Gingko Nut
Ginseng Leaf
Glauber's Salt / Mirabilite
Glutinous Rice Root
Golden-eye Grass
Gossampinus Fiower
Green Tangerine Peel
Guava Leaf
Guava Peel
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Herb
Gypsum (Prepared)
Gypsum (Raw)


Hawthorne Berry
Hibiscus Flower
Homalomenae Rhizome
Honey Date
Honeylocust Fruit
Honeylocust Spine
Honeysuckle Flower
Hornet's Nest
Horsetail / Bottle Brush Herb
Houttuynia / Fishy Smelling Herb
Hydnocarpus Seed
Hydrangea Root
Hylocerus Flower
Hypoglauca Rhizome


lgnited Yellow Earth
llex Root
lmmature Wheat Grain
lnula Flower (Ist Grade)
lnvolute Spikemoss Herb
lphigenia Bulb Lily
lsatis / Woad Leaf
lsatis Root


Japanese Raisin Tree Seed
Job's Tears Seed
Jujube Fruit / Chinese Date (Blk)
Jujube Fruit / Chinese Date (Red)


Kadsura Stem
Kaempferia Rhizome
Kan Sui Root
Knotty Pine Wood Node
Knotweed Grass
Kochia Seed