A-Z Herb List (L-N)

OmChi Herbs offers a variety of Traditional Chinese Herbs, as well as Specialty Herbs from around the world. These are some of our most commonly requested herbs.

Many of these herbs are available in raw (dried herb), powdered, and extract form. Unless otherwise specified, all Raw and Powdered herbs come in 500 gram packages and all 5:1 Extracts come in 100 gram bottles.

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Lotus Root (Sliced)
Lotus Seed (Red)
Lotus Seed (White)
Lotus Stamen
Luffa Sponge
Lycium / Wolfberry Fruit #1
Lycium / Wolfberry Fruit #2
Lycium I Wolfberry Fruit #3
Lycium / Wolfberry Leaf
Lycium /Wolfberry Root
Lycium Bark / Wolfberry Root-bark
Lycopodium / Clubmoss Herb
Lygodium Spores
Lysimachia Herb


Magnetite (Toasted)
Magnolia Bark
Magnolia Flower
Magnolia Flower
Mango Stone
Mantis Egg-case
Margarita Pearl
Medicated Leaven (8 Oz. Box)
Melia / Pagoda Tree Fruit
Melia Root-bark
Millettia Stem
Mint Herb
Mirabilitum Porum
Momordica Fruit - Med - Box Of 20
Momordica Fruit - Sm - Box Of 20
Momordica Fruit- Lg. - Box Of 20
Momordica Seed
Morinda Root #1
Morinda Root #2
Morinda Root #3
Morning Glory Herb
Morning Glory Seed
Moutan Root-bark/ Tree Peony Bark
Mulberry Fruit
Mulberry Leaf
Mulberry Root-bark
Mulberry Twig
Mulberry Twig
Mume Fruit
Musk Mallow / Abutilon Leaf
Musk Mallow /Abutilon Seed


Nelumbinis Fruit
Noto Ginseng Root (Whole) 100's
Noto Ginseng Root (Whole) 120's
Noto Ginseng Root (Whole) 80's
Noto Ginseng Root (Sliced) (2.8 oz)
Notopterygium Root
Nutmeg Seeds
Nux-vomica Seed (Prepared)