A-Z Herb List (T-Z)

OmChi Herbs offers a variety of Traditional Chinese Herbs, as well as Specialty Herbs from around the world. These are some of our most commonly requested herbs.

Many of these herbs are available in raw (dried herb), powdered, and extract form. Unless otherwise specified, all Raw and Powdered herbs come in 500 gram packages and all 5:1 Extracts come in 100 gram bottles.

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Tamarisk Twig
Tangerine Peel
Tangerine Peel (Matured)
Tangerine Seed
Tangerine Vein
Tendrilled Fritillary Bulb
Terminalia Fruit
Tibetan Saffron
Tinospora Stem
Torreya Nut
Trachelosper / Star Jasmine Vine
Tremella Fungus
Tribulus Fruit
Trichosanthes Fruit
Trichosanthes Peel
Trichosanthes Seed
Trumpet Creeper Flower
Tsao-ko Fruit
Tumeric Rhizome, Grade 1
Tuniuxi Root
Turmeric Rhizome, Grade 2
Typhonium Rhizome


Uncaria Vine With Hooks


Vaccaria Seed
Valerian Root
Verbena Herb
Vitex / Chastetree Fruit


Water Buffalo Horn Shaving
Watercress Herb
White Atractyloides Rhizome
White Mustard Seed
White Panax Ginseng Root
White Peony Root - Med., Sliced
White Peony Root- Lg., Sliced
White Willow Bark
Wild Chrysanthemum Flower
Wild Chrysanthemum Leaf
Wild Ginger /Asarum Herb
Wild Honeysuckle Flower
Wild Panax Ginseng Root (1 gram)
Windmill-palm Petiole
Winter Melon Peel
Winter Melon Seed
Wooden Butterfly Seed
Woolly Grass Rhizome, Grade 2
Woolly Grass Rhizome, Grade 1
Wormseed / Carpesium Fruit


Xanthium Fruit


Yideon's Violet Herb


Zedoary Rhizome