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Om-Chi(tm) Brand

Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacopoeia

At Om-Chi Herbs we are proud to offer a full range of Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs. You will find over 500 remedies offered in raw, powdered and extract form on the following pages. We feel this line of TCM products offers the highest quality for the following reasons:

There are no harmful preservatives used on these herbs. Many commercial processors of Chinese herbs use sulfur, chlorine, and aluminum phosphate during processing to extend the shelf life and cosmetic appeal of their herbs.

Om-Chi (tm) herbs are processed with traditional methods (frying, baking, steaming and decocting) to ensure quality and effectiveness. These herbs are double packaged with a vacuum packed inner pouch in a sealed nitrogen filled outer bag to protect from harmful oxidative processes.

The shelf life is 24-36 months, even without chemical preservatives and fumigated shipping containers, if stored properly. Commercial, sulfured herbs may look un-changed for 5-6 years after purchase making it difficult to be sure of freshness and potency.

Om-Chi (tm) herbs are processed in certified cGMP manufacturing facilities using traditional methods and low temperatures for processing (maximum of 100 degrees centigrade).

Modern quality control methods (HPLC, TLC, etc.) are used in the manufacturer's in-house labs to assure identity, potency and safety of all herbs and extracted powders.

Once you try them we're sure you'll agree that these are among the highest quality TCM herbs available on the market today.