Delivery Information

Shipping and Handling

We do not guarantee next-day shipping on any of our products. We do our best to send your order to you

in a timely fashion. Best-selling items, such as Cognitol, are usually sent within a couple of days after

payment clears. All in-stock items usually are sent within 72 hours of payment clearing.

For bulk, special order items, and out-of-season, hand-gathered, or otherwise hard to procure herbs,

please allow special arrangements to be made, and sometimes 6-8 weeks for delivery of large orders.

Once one of these orders is placed, we will contact you to get your approval before running your

payment. If there is a price fluctuation or time factor, or in a situation where a wait is to be expected, we

will contact you soon after your order is placed to keep you updated.

Most orders are shipped by USPS (United States Postal Service) priority mail. UPS and FedEx are also

options. International shipping is available. See our Secure Order Form for pricing. For more information

on specific products, view links on the website’s home page.