• Cognitol®  190 mg softgels 100 count
Cognitol ® is made from Celastrus paniculatus oil, a pressed herbal oil expressed from the seeds of Celastrus paniculatus, a shrub native to India. While Celastrus oil has been used in India for centuries it is only within the past few years that it has started to become known outside of Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicinal practice of India.

The oil is used to increase memory and facilitate learning. It induces a feeling of well-being and has reported aphrodisiac effects.

As reported in a variety of sources, Celastrus is used as an "…aphrodisiac…as a powerful brain tonic…" to "…stimulate intellect, sharpen memory, increase intelligence"(1) "…to promote intelligence… stimulatory effects on intellect and memory have been reported…it improves memory process in rats and produced improvements in IQ in mentally retarded children…" (2) "…seeds and oil stimulate intellect and sharpen memory…it is known as Magszudhi (brain clearer) and believed to promote intelligence…" (3) "….for stimulating the intellect and sharpening memory…" (4) "…brain tonic…stimulant…intellect promoting and sharpening the memory…" (6) "…Oil extracted from the seeds is known to affect the CNS; reputed in Indian literature to promote intelligence. It has been reported to have significant beneficial effects…and stimulatory effects on intellect and memory have been reported. It improves memory processes in rats, and produced improvement in IQ in mentally retarded children….does not have any lethal or neurotoxic effects…" (2)

The oil contains no buffers or extenders or any chemical additives. It is the pure, cold-pressed oil from the seeds and nothing else.

The oil contains protein, carbohydrates (less than 1 calorie per dose), fats (saturated fats: .022 of 1%, polyunsaturated fats: .035 of 1%,  monounsaturated fats: .032 of 1%) Vitamin C, Sodium, Potassium, ash, Calcium, Iron, Sesqiterpene polyol esters.

The oil comes in 190 mg SoftGel capsules. One per day in the morning with food is adequate. It can be taken at any time of day. However, taking this product may cause insomnia in a small percentage of people if taken too late in the day.

One SoftGel in the morning with food is usually all that is necessary. Those with an extra stressful work load may wish to use another later in the day, but this is usually not needed.

For more information about Celastrus paniculatus and Cognitol®, visit www.celastrus.com.


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Cognitol® 190 mg softgels 100 count

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